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Two Drills For A Killer Shot

Posted by ptormey on 18 Oct 2017 / 0 Comment

Players offend spend time searching for the newest stick to help add power and accuracy to their shot. Chasing the newest stick can lead you down a long road with very little return on investment. While having a stick with the proper flex, proper height and preferred curve is important, there is greater return on […]

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Train For The Game

Posted by ptormey on 14 May 2017 / 0 Comment

Train For The Game Around this time of year a common question comes from players and parents: ” What program should I do this offseason to get me ready for next year?” While this question is vague and non specific, it’s important to understand that it opens the doors to educate players and parents about […]

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Redefine your hockey offseason

Posted by ptormey on 16 Apr 2017 / 0 Comment

Redefine your hockey offseason When hockey players start talking about the offseason the first thing that comes to mind is the end of a long competitive season, endless travel commitments and weekly practices. With all of these sacrifices coming to an end,the term “offseason” makes sense. Click to read the full article New England Hockey […]

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Tips for Athletic Female Training

Posted by ptormey on 07 Mar 2017 / 0 Comment

Tips for Athletic Female Training The priority when working with athletes who are new to training is to set an environment where hard work is envied. Children today are cultured to view strength as masculine, a position that has been depressed the pursuit of strength and performance activities by females. The initial strength training intervention […]

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Pregame prep: Designing the optimal warm – up

Posted by ptormey on 04 Feb 2017 / 0 Comment

Pregame prep: Designing the optimal warm – up It’s extremely important for players to be playing at their optimal level at the drop of the puck. Teams that start with a slow pace typically find themselves chasing their opponent for the rest of the game. The question that most coaches ask is ” How do […]

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Important aspects of in – season training

Posted by ptormey on 28 Jan 2017 / 0 Comment

Important aspects of in – season training In – Season training often becomes forgotten when player’s schedules consists of practices, games, homework and extracurricular activcities. Coaches and players who consistently get into the weight room throughout the season to maintain or improve general athletic qualities will typically find success on the ice. Click to read […]

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Financial Fitness For 2017 And Beyond

Posted by ptormey on 17 Jan 2017 / 0 Comment

Financial Fitness For 2017 And Beyond Ahhh . . . New Year’s. It’s that fateful time when we all vow to take control of our bad habits. It is the time each year when we sit, ponder, and reflect on the wrongs in our lives and take action to fix them. For most of us, […]

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Pucillo, King lead Stang swimming past New Bedford

Posted by ptormey on 15 Jan 2017 / 0 Comment

Francesca Pucillo and Jeannette King were double winners for Bishop Stang in a 99-76 girls swimming win at New Bedford on Thursday. Pucillo touched home first in the 200-yard freestyle (2:07.25) and the 100 breaststroke (1:13.75). King finished first in the 100 freestyle (56.38 seconds) and the 100 backstroke (1:03.47). The Spartans also got wins […]

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New Year, New Body Transformation Challenge

Posted by ptormey on 20 Dec 2016 / 0 Comment

New Year, New Body Transformation Challenge Create a brand new you in 2017! Clients will receive professional coaching in their own Semi-Private training group. Programs will be based on the clients individual goals. Program Includes: 6 weeks of training 18 sessions Movement assessment Performance testing Body Composition the 1st week and 6th week of the […]

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New location NESV

Posted by ptormey on 17 Dec 2016 / 0 Comment

New location at NESV APT is excited to announce that we are opening up a second location at the New England Sports Village in Attelboro, Ma! Our full service performance center will focus on athletic development, injury prevention, nutrition and recovery. Programs APT programs include all sports and skill levels from youth to adult and […]

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