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Body composition is one of the most important components of health related physical fitness. Athletes who want to perform at their optimal level are constantly trying to achieve and maintain an optimal weight that will benefit them during performance. Measuring body composition is a great way to track progression in an athlete’s training regiment. Several methods will be used to determine body composition and all will be compared for the most accurate reading.

Body composition is a better way to understand the body’s chemical composition. The two component model shows that the body’s composition is comprised of fat mass and fat-free mass. Fat free mass is all the body tissue that isn’t comprised of fat, such as bones, muscle, organs, and connective tissue. There are several ways to measure body composition. We use a skin fold, BMI, and Bioelectrical impendence to determine the athlete’s body fat percentage. This is a great asset to an athlete who is setting a goal and wants to track progress.

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