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In Season Training

In Season Training keeps the athlete strong and healthy in their season. APT utilizes a comprehensive training philosophy, which follows a movement-based approach to improving athletic development. The programs we create are designed to correct dysfunctional movement patterns as well as strengthen the athlete in order to limit non-contact injuries and improve his/her athletic ability.

Training Schedule:

Dates: November 27th – February 28th
Weeks: 13
Days: TBD depending on practice schedule
Times: TBD depending on practice schedule
1- Day Pioneers
Cost $135
2 – Day Pioneers
Cost $235
1 – Day Giants 06
Cost $129
1-Day (13 sessions)
Cost $149
2 -Day (26 sessions)
Cost $289

Pioneers 1 – Day

Pioneers 2 – Day

Giants 06

In Season Attleboro

In Season 2 Day Attleboro

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