Pro Performance Training

This program will exploit any limitations a player may have, starting with a comprehensive movement assessment/screen and performance evaluation. The testing results will be used to create an individualized program that offers each player the ability to focus on what they need physically and mentally to compete at a higher level.

Performance Training

APT provides off-season and in-season programs to our athletes. Before training one of our performance specialists will perform a movement / performance evaluation and review your medical history, past injuries, training history, sport of choice and specific goals. Once we have received a valid movement and performance profile a custom written training program can be created to fit your personal profile.

Youth FUNdamental

APT provides children the opportunity to get started in the right direction in a FUN and educational environment. APT creates training programs that emphasizes body awareness and control that can be utilized in all sports.

Adult Programs

Experience the benefits of a comprehensive training program. At APT clients can choose between group training ,semi private or personal training. All of our programs are run by certified professional strength coaches.

Summer Internship Program 2016

An internship with Athletic Performance Training will give you the tools to assess, program, and coach a variety of clients ranging from youth, junior high, high school, prep school, collegiate, professional, and adult levels. Interns must be ready to learn and apply optimal evidenced-based training principles to the real world.

Expansion 2016

APT expanded their state of the art performance center to 4,200 square feet in November of 2016. APT programs include all sports and skill levels from youth to adult and beginner to elite. Our comprehensive training philosophy has developed success at the high school, collegiate and professional levels.

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