Performance Training

Ages 14+

This program will exploit any limitations an athlete may have, starting with a comprehensive movement assessment/screen and performance evaluation. The testing results will be used to create an individualized program that offers each athlete the ability to focus on what they need physically and mentally to compete at a higher level. Our development model allows for total transparency. The comprehensive program will allow athletes to set specific goals and monitor their progress as the program unfolds. Programs will utilize several methods to attain the desired adaptations..

Our Training Program Includes :

– Movement Evaluation

– Performance Evaluation

– Goals Analysis

– Body Fat Analysis

– Heart Rate Variability Monitoring System for Purchase $69

– Performance Training Program

– Monitored Recovery Techniques

– Nutritional Education

How Our System Works:

Prior to training, one of our performance specialists will review your medical history, past injuries, sport of choice and specific goals. Once we have received a valid movement and performance profile, an individualized training program can be created to fit your personal profile.

Training Schedule:

Days: Monday, Wednesday & Friday
Time: 2:30 pm
Days: Tuesday & Thursday
Time: 4:30pm
Day: Saturday
Time: 9am
3 – Days a week $265 a month
4- Days a week $329 a month

3 – Day Semi Private

4- Day Semi Private

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