Youth FUNdamental Training:

Ages 8-11 years old

APT provides children the opportunity to get started in the right direction in a FUN and educational environment. A common trend that has been emerging with many youth organizations is the demand for youth development that improves functional movement and functional performance (speed, conditioning, power, and agility). APT creates training programs that emphasizes body awareness and control that can be utilized in all sports.

Program design:

– Body weight resistance training

– Pulling, pushing, squatting, crawling and rolling

– Jumping, skipping, running and decelerating


– Build Confidence

– Have FUN

– Decrease risk of non-contact injuries

– Increase overall athletic ability and performance

– Educate athletes on living a healthy lifestyle (nutrition, rest and recovery)

Spring Youth Fundamental

March 20th – May 17th
Weeks: 8
Days: Monday & Wednesday
Time 4:15 – 5:00 pm
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