Internship Program:

An internship with Athletic Performance Training will give you the tools to assess, program, and coach a variety of clients ranging from youth, junior high, high school, prep school, collegiate, professional, and adult levels. Interns must be ready to learn and apply optimal evidenced-based training principles to the real world. We are seeking individuals who are open-minded and want to learn how to implement a quality training system.


  • Professionalism
  • Positive Attitude
  • Strong Work Ethic
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  • 40+ hour work weeks
  • Learning and implementing APT’s training system during a 2-week introductory seminar
  • Coaching athletes through training sessions
  • Researching and teaching strength and conditioning topics to all staff on a weekly basis
  • Weekly reading assignments
  • General gym maintenance

Why Intern With Athletic Performance Training?

We are a strength and conditioning facility that strives to be the best. Our understanding and implementation of movement patterns, energy systems, neurological and physiological adaptation, and psychological behavior gives our athletes a competitive advantage. We work with the best in our area to provide an all-encompassing training experience for all levels.

Application process:

If you are interested in a applying, please email [email protected] for an application

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