“The APT teachers/trainers/staff follow a philosophy that focuses on the athletes performing the correct exercise, the correct way at the correct age. As physician and a parent of three age group (youth) athletes, I trust the APT group to develop each of them in a controlled and professional environment while teaching them the basic principles of physical and mental athletic preparation. At the youth level, athletic development is about developing coordination and athleticism while focusing on form and education and APT does this better than anyone that I have seen”.

Dr. Ian Paskowski Medical Director – Medical Back Pain Program.

“Our ideal model for patients is that they continue to work on their chronic or post surgical injuries after they are discharged from Physical Therapy. Some choose to do a home program. Many want to continue in a gym setting. I am a firm believer in APTʼs approach and philosophy to training. APT encourages all clients to participate in a movement evaluation before beginning an exercise program. This can weed out potential orthopedic problems and help prevent injuries when working out. This is a crucial step for those approaching middle age and older. Every week I evaluate new patients who tell me “I started working out in the gym but I injured my shoulder, knee, hip, etc.” APT takes the necessary steps to minimize these risks.
As an Adult Fitness participant myself over the last few years, I love the small group workouts. I could never push myself alone in the gym like I can in the small group. I am stronger that I have ever been and my chronic injuries are less symptomatic. That hip replacement I was told I needed will have to wait!”

Stephen Brocklebank – Physical Therapist and co-owner of Sports Center Physical Therapy

“I can’t say enough about APT. I was looking for a workout class that met in the morning before work as I was having a tough time motivating to get to the gym on my own. I had heard that APT offered adult classes early mornings. I showed up for my first class on a snowy cold day in January and I have been hooked on the class ever since. APT has certified and professional coaches. APT has a comprehensive plan for every class. APT walks that fine line between pushing us hard and having some fun. I look forward to the workouts and they make me feel alive and full of energy the rest of the day”.

Dr Peter Lind- MD Falmouth, Ma Pediatrics

“I’ve been doing APT for several years now and feel overall stronger, healthier, and fitter than when I was simply running. I’ve also avoided the nagging hamstring and calf injuries that were beginning to limit my running. Whether you are a world class athlete or a 40 year old ex high school athlete and father of four like myself, APT tailors their classes so that you can benefit. I would wholeheartedly endorse APT’s program”

Dr Jack Hostetter – MD Falmouth, Ma Cardiovascular Specialists


“We take pleasure in referring our clients to Athletic Performance Training. Many of the physical issues that lead clients to seek our services, are directly related to muscular weakness or imbalance. The strength, balance, and fitness training provided by APT is a wonderful enhancement to the muscular therapy we provide, and we find that our mutual clients have better outcomes than those receiving only bodywork or only strength training”.

– Bori Suranyi, Cape Cod Sports Therapy LMT, CPT