“Training at APT has not only advanced my fitness, but made a difference in athletic training for both of my daughters as well. As a triathlete and former collegiate athlete, my fitness and competitive goals are integral parts of my life. Although my daughters are at a very different level, APT is able to raise their abilities and prepare them for competitive school sports with strength training, agility training, and overall fitness. Few can offer such a range of high level opportunities.”

– Erin Caswell, Triathlete and former Collegiate athlete

“I am a golf professional that has had constant back pain the past 2 years and could not perform simple athletic movements without pain. The back pain has affected both my professional and personal life. I have been working with APT for 2 months and after a physical assessment he developed a program designed specifically for me and my goals. Throughout the program APT has educated me on how to perform each exercise and what body parts the exercise is targeting and how they affect my body. This has been a big help in not only fixing my back pain but understanding my back pain. I would and have recommended APT to anyone looking to relieve back pain and/or to simply get into better physical shape.”

– Jeff Halunen, PGA Professional Pocasset Golf Club

“I am a 42 year-old dentist whom had back surgery 3 years ago. Before working with APT, I was having a hard time making it through my workday due to constant back and leg pain. Since starting with APT, I’ve lost weight; have more energy; and most importantly, the constant back and leg pain are gone. I have APT to thank for that.”

– Michael Dinn DMD- Cape Cod Dentist

“I had just been signed off from physical therapy after my 3rd knee surgery and was lamenting the probable end to my rec league goaltending career when I had an informative conversation with Pete about the chances of me playing again. Still limping around and ready to get back to my old gym routine, he encouraged me to stop by APT for an evaluation. My evaluation turned into a few months of one on one training and my return to the ice. APT laid out a complete plan to improve my agility, build and strengthen my body in ways I wouldn’t have. Now I realize how antiquated my view on working out was. At APT, your workouts’ are smarter and much more efficient. I am a faithful APT client working out 3 times a week for over five years. APT allows me the flexibility of still doing one on one instruction or inviting friends, teammates or family members to work out with me. Every session is a challenge as APT mixes up and evolves the workout keeping things fresh and fun. “

– Dan Pucillo , Black Dog

I’ve always been an exercise enthusiast starting with my 15 years as a figure skater and proud member of the Falmouth Figure Skating Club (FFSC). Over the past five years I have found a new passion in Ice Hockey, playing in the Cape Cod Women’s Hockey League (CCWHL). I have had many trainers and workout programs over the years, but none have given me the noticeable results I have enjoyed from APT. In six months my stamina, speed and flexibility has improved my abilities on and off the ice. As a result, the confidence I’ve gained in my skating abilities has motivated me to become a coach for the Falmouth U-12 Girls Hockey Program. I know with the support I’ve received from APT I will succeed in all my coaching and Ice Hockey goals and challenges.”

– Vicki Botelho- Business owner & Falmouth Girls Coach

“Working with APT was something I always looked forward to. Because of there training methods, I lost 15 pounds, toned and strengthened my body and had a renewed energy that I hadn’t felt in years. I highly recommend anyone, no matter what your age, work with APT. There professional staff listen to your needs and concerns and can personalize a program to get the results you desire”.

– Lisa Asendorf, Founder, Wings for Falmouth Families

” I am turning 50 this year and wanted to take charge of my health as I go into the next phase of my life. I went to APT to get a jumpstart back into the exercising mode, after taking 2 years off due to a back injury. I decided to go the personal training route. Not only did I get back on track with a great exercise program the information that I took away will stay with me forever. APT gave me the tools not only succeed with a great exercise program but the knowledge that goes along with making your body function in the best possible way. I never thought that I was going to learn so much.

Thank you APT for getting me to think about how to make my body function to its full capacity!”

– Lisa MaClean, President, Families 4 Christmas Charity

" I wish I had the opportunity to train at APT when I was growing up.  Looking back, APT is exactly what I needed to elevate my level of athleticism in high school and select team sports. Instead, I relied on informal, unstructured workouts (mainly running) that did not elevate my fitness and, ultimately, caused me to step away from official team sports before I was ready.Now as an adult in my 40s fighting to stay in shape amid life's challenges, APT is providing me the motivation, formality, and structure to fitness in ways that I have not ever been able to do on my own. Each month, APT builds a workout schedule that is right for me and builds upon the foundational movements and exercises from the previous months. On non-APT days, I complement the the workouts with at-home exercise and wellness activities (Pilates, yoga, and hiking), thus giving me the total health package. It's also wonderful to workout alongside people of all ages at APT, ranging from high school to professional to octogenarian athletes; we look out for one another and we support each other's own respective journey. Unlike the traditional gym, APT offers a structured environment with the finesse to treat every member like family. I highly recommend it to anyone interested.”

– Colin Reed