5 Ways to Find a Gym this New Year


5 Ways to Find a Gym this New Year

Finding a gym that can help with your New Year’s resolution of being healthy and fit is essential for long- term success. With so many different gyms out there, it can be difficult to decide which one to attend. Here are a few key factors to choosing the right gym and creating a well-designed plan this New Year.

1. Does the gym perform some sort of medical review?

Before you participate in any type of activity at a gym you should fill out some sort of medical history form that notifies the gym of your past injuries, chronic conditions, medications, or limitations. This information will identify what type of training is appropriate for each individual. Gathering this information is essential to gaining an understanding of the client’s physical condition.
Another component to look for that complements a medical history
form is some type of movement screen that looks at the quality of
movement and identifies a baseline. The assessment will tell you
specifically what exercises need to be avoided to keep you healthy and injury free.

2. Will the gym help you create attainable goals?

Someone at the gym should be able to help you set goals. This person can use the data received during the assessment to help set precise goals during training. Having the proper road map will lead to the results you desire. This can be as simple as the short-term goal of 2-4 weeks or a long-term goal of 4-6 months.

3. Will the gym help create a well-designed plan?

Once the medical review and movement assessments are performed, someone at the gym can design a training regimen to optimize your performance (daily productivity, increase balance and flexibility, lower body fat, increase lean muscle mass, increase confidence etc.). This plan should be comprised of phases that drive specific adaptations to lead you to your long-term goal.

4. Does the gym provide an educational environment?

Someone should be capable of educating you about the importance of a healthy lifestyle and its vitality for development, and more importantly, your overall well-being. Educating clients on exercise selection, nutrition, rest and recovery will help them make the right choices on a daily basis. When these topics are understood and integrated into your training philosophy, you will be able to attain goals and long-term success.

5. Does the gym provide a safe environment?

Make sure your gym is providing a safe environment with a quality-training curriculum to achieve your fitness goals. Someone at the gym should be able to regress and progress exercises to meet your specific needs. To do so requires a comprehensive understanding of your medical history as well as any limitations and goals. A well-designed program is only as good as the assessment process.

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Pete Tormey & Michael Donoghue

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