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Spring Athletic Performance Training

Athletic Performance Training is the premier full-service athletic training center on Cape Cod. Located in the Falmouth Ice Arena, APT’s programs include all skill levels from youth to adult and beginner to elite. APT offers a wide variety of programs including Athletic Performance Training, Youth FUNdamental Training, Adult Fitness, Semi-Private and Personal Training.

Assessement Process

Athletes and clients receive a free assessment before training. The assessment process is comprised of a medical history review, movement and performance assessment. The assessment will give valid information to help create optimal training programs that prevent injuries and keep athletes and clients healthy. The initial evaluation is referenced throughout the program to track progress on an individualized basis. Gathering this information is essential to gaining an understanding of the athlete or client’s physical readiness for activity.

Training Philosophy:

APT utilizes a comprehensive training philosophy, which follows a movement-based approach to improving athletic development. The programs we create are designed to correct dysfunctional movement patterns as well as strengthen the athlete in order to limit non-contact injuries and improve his/her athletic ability.

Each specific training day will include:

– Diaphragmatic breathing: Promotes proper function of the diaphragm to help decrease stress and increase blood circulation.

– Soft Tissue Work: Provides each player the ability to manage his/her tissue quality during the season. Managing soft tissue will allow players to increase flexibility and support proper joint movement.

– Joint Mobility: Increases mobility in joints that have limited movement to decrease the risk of injury while increasing fluid circulation to promote healthy joints.

– Activation: Increases the recruitment of muscle fibers to utilize as many muscles as possible.

– Dynamic Flexibility: Large movement patterns to get the body working as a unit.

– Speed Work: Keeping athletes explosive during their starts.

– Resistance Training: Increases strength which translates to explosive athletes.

– Conditioning: Developing the proper energy systems

– Cool Down: Restores the body after training

The professional and certified strength coaches at APT are ready to help you achieve your fitness goals.

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