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Athletic Performance Training

Athletic Performance Training is the premier full-service athletic performance center on Cape Cod. Located in the Falmouth Ice Arena, APT’s programs include all skill levels from youth to adult and beginner to elite. APT offers a wide variety of programs including Athletic Performance Training, Youth FUNdamental Training, Adult Fitness, Semi-Private and Personal Training.

APT is excited to announce the expansion of our facility to 4,200 square feet. The expansion will allow us to focus on athlete development, adult fitness, injury prevention, nutrition, recovery methods and academics in a state of the art setting.

Athletes and clients receive a free evaluation before training. The evaluation process is comprised of a medical history review, movement and performance evaluation. The evaluation will give valid information to help create optimal training programs that prevent injuries and keep athletes and clients healthy. The initial evaluation is referenced throughout the program to track progress on an individualized basis. Gathering this information is essential to gaining an understanding of the athlete or client’s physical readiness for activity.

Once we have received a valid movement and performance profile, a semi custom training program can be created. The program will incorporate expertise in periodization, exercise selection, injury prevention, recovery, and nutrition to create a faster and stronger client who will operate efficiently. APT educates all of its athletes and clients on the importance of a healthy lifestyle for performance development, and more importantly, overall well-being.

APT had a busy summer, training over 250 athletes from all over the world. Some of the top high school, college and professional teams have used APT’s expertise in strength and conditioning for their athletes, including 7 NHL teams and Falmouth Commodores.

The professional and certified strength coaches at APT are ready to help you achieve your fitness goals.

APT Will Prepare You To Succeed!

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