APT FREE Collegiate Combine


APT FREE Collegiate Combine

Presented by Athletic Performance Training

Date and Time: September 28th, 11:00 am

Age: 12+

Location: Athletic Performance Training

9 Technology Park Drive

Falmouth, Ma 02536

Why we test:

– During the combine, the athlete’s abilities are put on display for parents, coaches, and whoever else is interested in the evaluation of the athletes.

-For the athlete it is a chance to show his or her specific skills as well as identify baseline measurements that can be used to pinpoint any areas that need to be improved upon.

-The data received during the combine can be used to help each athlete set precise goals during their training.

What to expect:

– Players will come in and register. During registration players will receive a Players Card that will be used to record the results of each test.

– 6 physical tests designed to evaluate athlete’s ability. The results of these tests will be a great resource for college coaches during the recruiting process.

– Once the results have been compiled, an email will be sent to the player, displaying all scores. This sheet can be sent to college coaches to help them better understand you as a player.

What to bring:

Each player should bring athletic apparel and running shoes. Prepare for any weather conditions; 2 of the tests will be administered outside.

* This collegiate combine is not mandatory and is open to the public.

To register for the FREE combine simply contact Pete Tormey at

Cell: 781-883-5564

Email [email protected].

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