Beach ready in 42 day challenge


APT beach ready in 42

With beach season right around the corner, it’s time to put away the puffy jackets and break out the new summer swimwear. APT is excited to announce registration for the Beach Ready in 42 Challenge!

High Intensity Training

The 42 day challenge involves high intensity training sessions. All sessions are structured utilizing proper movement prep, interval training, core exercises, mobility work, and resistance training. APT coaches will focus on proper lift technique and create a fast-paced exercise environment to get the most out of your training routine.


Most improved – 2 month FREE BOOTCAMP
Best dressed – $75 shopping spree
Attendance – $50 gift card

What you receive:

Professional coaching
Unlimited training
Nutrition, rest and recovery manual

Equipment used:

Med balls, kettle bells, sleds, ropes Dumbbells, ploy boxes and more.

Training Schedule:

Dates: April 11th – May 22nd
Monday 7:15am and 6pm
Tuesday 9am and 6pm
Wednesday 7:15am
Thursday 9am and 6pm
Friday 7:15am and 12:30pm
Saturday 9am
Duration: 60 minutes

Cape Cod beach scene

With a quality training program, consistency, and proper eating habits you will be ready for the beach scene on Cape Cod!

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