Nutrition made simple


Nutrition Made Simple

Whether you are an inspiring athlete looking to make it to the next level, or an adult who wants to perform well at work, nutrition is a key component that most people overlook. Athletes and adults over complicate nutrition because they want a quick fix. The most important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle is consistency.

Food is fuel for your body. It is essential that you provide your body with the best fuel possible in order to live a healthy life. Fad diets are not the answer; adopt quality-eating habits that last.

* Eat protein foods with each meal. Protein is critical to help you burn fat and build lean muscle. Good sources of protein are lean meat, fish, eggs and yogurt.

* Eat vegetables with each meal. Vegetables are loaded with vitamins and minerals that help improve health and prevent disease. Good sources of vegetables are spinach, tomatoes and broccoli.

* Eat carbohydrates with most meals. Carbs can be helpful if consumed at the right time. These carbs will help with improving energy and recovery. Good sources of carbs are oranges, berries and sweet potatoes.

* Eat healthy fats with most meals. Healthy fats have been shown to improve metabolism, brain function, stronger bones, skin and eye health. Good sources of fats are walnuts, avocados, olive oil, fish oil and flax seed.

Hydration is very important to recovery from workouts and other activities. Having the proper amount of fluid in your body is important for performance and your health.
Do not let thirst indicate that you need water. If you are thirsty, you are already dehydrated. Water is your best option to stay hydrated. Sports drinks, soda and juice have a ton of sugar in them.

Forming proper sleep and rest habits are important to optimize recovery of your body. You need at least 8 hours of sleep to rebuild muscles you broke down during the day. Develop a consistent sleep pattern; do not let Internet, smartphones, or television prevent you from sleeping at night.

In order to live a healthy lifestyle you must constantly identify your weakest link and improve it until it is no longer your weakest link. Nutrition can be confusing, keep it simple. Eat lots of vegetables, lean meats, quality carbohydrates, and drink water.

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