Should kids play one sport year round or a different sport each season?


Should kids play one sport year round or a different sport each season?

By: Caroline Sullivan

Here’s a typical kids sport schedule: Hockey starts in mid-September and goes until mid-March. Spring travel soccer practices begin in February. Lacrosse and field hockey are spring sports. Then there are the Falmouth Recreation programs, like soccer in the fall and basketball and indoor soccer in the winter. In the summer there are golf, tennis and sailing lessons. Extra skills programs for all sports run year round. All of this got me thinking…

Should kids play one sport year round; or play a different sport each season? Nowadays it’s hard to tell. Practices start early; sport’s seasons overlap; and skills run year round. This is a question a lot of parents and kids face.

On one hand, a kid may enjoy one particular sport and want to play year round. They may have a talent and passion for this sport. They may want to do extra skills and private leagues to get better. Or, some youth sports have become so competitive, they may feel they have to play year round to keep up or make a better team.
Kids often make close friends on their team and move up with them year after year. Isabella, a 5th grader said: “I think kids should play one sport and focus on that sport so they can be the best they can be.”

On the other hand, a kid may enjoy playing whatever sport is in season and want to change it up each season. They learn new sets of skills while playing many sports and may discover a talent or passion for a specific sport. Kids get to meet a new group of friends each new sports season.
Shannon, also in 5th grade, said: “Multiple sports is better so kids can get good in all areas of physical strength.”

Pete Tormey, owner of Athletic Performance Training (APT), a strength and conditioning facility located at the Falmouth Ice Arena explained why playing multiple sports is a good idea. Children need diverse movements for optimal performance…Exposing kids to a wide variety of sports and activities will only increase their ability to move well…”

The answer seems to be that playing sports IS a good choice. But parents and kids should remember that PLAYING is the important part. Playing sports allows kids to be active, learn new skills, discover their talents, make friends and most importantly ENJOY the sport and have FUN!

Mr. Tormey recommends kids:
“Play Multiple Sports: Studies show that the rate of success dramatically increases in college with multi-sport athletes…”
“Try Something New: Trying a new sport or activity will only increase athleticism in a desired sport…”

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