Spring SALE 15% OFF Performance Training

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Spring Sale 15% off Athletic Performance Training

15% OFF Performance Training

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A common trend that has been emerging for athletes and organizations is the demand for development that improves functional movement and functional performance (speed, strength & power,). Take your game to the next level with APT. Each training session provides optimal training techniques used at the collegiate and professional levels

Movement & Performance Assessment

Athletes receive a free assessment before training. The assessment process is comprised of a medical history review, movement and performance assessment.

The Workouts:

Athletes can choose to join a group that meets either 2 ,3 or 4 days per week. Each workout is 90- 120 minutes in length depending on age and group size.

High School Performance Training

APT utilizes a comprehensive training philosophy, which follows a movement-based approach to improving athletic development. The programs we create are designed to correct dysfunctional movement patterns as well as strengthen the athlete in order to limit non-contact injuries and improve his/her athletic ability.

Middle School Performance Training

The concept of the Middle School Program is to provide our athletes with a great foundation to build off of for years to come. The Program will enhance their athleticism and prevent injuries while improving functional movement and functional performance (speed, conditioning, power, and agility)

15% OFF Performance Training

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Expires 3/10/2016

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