Youth FUNdamental Training


Winter Youth FUNdamental Training

A common trend that has been emerging with many youth organizations is the demand for youth development that improves functional movement and functional performance (speed, conditioning, power, and agility). APT will create a training program that emphasizes body awareness and control that can be utilized in all sports. The program will be designed based off player’s age and performance level.

The program will exploit the athlete’s weakest link in order to prevent injuries. Non-contact injuries are prevented by aligning the joints in the body and correcting proper posture during activity; by doing this, you correct dysfunctional movement patterns.

Benefits to the Players:

– Decrease risk of injury

– Improve speed

– Increase overall athletic ability

– Increase strength and endurance

– Build team unity

Winter 2 Day Training Program (8 weeks)
December 3rd – January 30th
Tuesday and Thursday 4:00-5:00PM

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