APT FREE Collegiate Combine

By Sneha Samfrancisco | September 23, 2014

APT FREE Collegiate Combine Presented by Athletic Performance Training Date and Time: September 28th, 11:00 am Age: 12+ Location: Athletic Performance Training 9 Technology Park Drive Falmouth, Ma 02536 Why we test: – During the combine, the athlete’s abilities are put on display for parents, coaches, and whoever else is interested in the evaluation of…

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Steve Cishek has been named our nominee for the 2014 Roberto Clemente Award!

By Sneha Samfrancisco | September 18, 2014

Steve Cishek has been named our nominee for the 2014 Roberto Clemente Award Steve Cishek is enjoying a fine year as the closer for the Miami Marlins and is now also their nominee for the Roberto Clemente Award. Every team has one nominee for the award which is distributed annually. The award which is named…

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Fall Wee Lax

By Sneha Samfrancisco | September 10, 2014

Fall Wee Lax Program: Wee Lax is fast becoming the program of choice in the State for kids who want to learn the sport. Children learn to cradle, shoot, run, and laugh and play all while learning the sport of lacrosse. The program incorporates several stations featuring activities that focus on developing the skills involved…

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APT forms partnership with Mass Crease Goaltending

By Sneha Samfrancisco | September 1, 2014

Fall Mass Crease Goaltending Development Program September 24th – November 19th (9 week program) APT is excited to announce Mass Crease as their on ice development partner.Mass Crease was developed by former NHL Goaltender, Brian Eklund. This unique program develops the goaltender from the ground up. Goaltending is a unique position in the game of…

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APT in Charge of Islanders Strength and Conditioning

By Sneha Samfrancisco | August 27, 2014

APT in Charge of Islanders Strength and Conditioning Cape Cod Islanders president and head coach Dan Hodge knows that to be the best on the ice you have to be working with the best people off the ice and with that the Islanders have just agreed to a partnership with Athletic Performance Training in Falmouth.…

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APT Becoming NHL Summer Training Hot Spot

By Sneha Samfrancisco | August 10, 2014

Florida Panthers rookie Connor Brickley (right) has a laugh while coach Paul Vincent gives him instructions at the Falmouth Ice Arena on July 23. Cape Cod has always been a summer hot spot for vacationers looking to enjoy the warm weather and the beach breezes. It’s also becoming a destination for those looking for the…

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Healthy Lifestyle and Preventable Diseases

By Sneha Samfrancisco | April 15, 2014

Healthy Lifestyle and Preventable Diseases Our Lifestyle has a major impact on our overall health. This is common sense, everyone knows this, yet as a society we are plagued by lifestyle induced disease; and it’s getting worse. How can we take a step towards a healthy lifestyle? – Lifestyle changes are hard because most people…

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Athletic Performance Training Center Fine Tunes Athletes

By Sneha Samfrancisco | December 9, 2013

Athletic Performance Training Center Fine Tunes Athletes By: Rich Maclone, December 6, 2013 RICH MACLONE/ENTERPRISE – APT Facility in the Falmouth ice Arena Every athlete who desires to be better than everyone else is focused on getting bigger, stronger and faster. Wanting it is step one, but getting to the next level takes hard work,…

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Is it really a good idea for kids to play a sport all year round?

By Sneha Samfrancisco | December 5, 2013

It starts out innocently enough. You buy your kindergartner hockey skates, or a soccer ball. Maybe a T-ball bat. You get involved in a community or church recreation league. The first year plays out like the feel-good parts of the movie “Parenthood.” There’s no stealing bases or basketballs. The nets are low, the fields are…

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