Factors that can influence recovery

By Pete Totmey | April 13, 2020

Factors that can influence recovery In the previous post, I discussed different elements that lead to fatigue accumulation in training. After finishing up the explanations on what causes fatigue, I left the recovery modalities a bit vague and open ended. And although the end result of this post may result in the same, I wanted…

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Factors that can influence fatigue

By Pete Totmey | April 2, 2020

Factors that can influence fatigue In sport/competition, a common thought process is that athletes have to push to the brink of exhaustion, and then some more, in order to rise to the top. Youth athletes and new trainees adopt a mindset that they need to outwork the opposition, and may end up digging themselves into…

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Why we sleep

By Pete Totmey | March 30, 2020

Why we sleep For anyone looking for a good read, Why We Sleep by Dr. Matthew Walker is an informative choice and the best selling book on sleep in recent years. There are many takeaways that I could dive into for this post, but for today we’ll focus on some of the benefits athletes can…

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Nutrition made simple

By Pete Totmey | March 26, 2020

Nutrition made simple There are many rabbit holes that you can dive down when talking about nutrition, but the core principles when it comes to habit change almost always come back to calories. First and foremost, we need to address that an adult trainee is going to have vastly different nutritional recommendations than an athlete.…

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Creating habits during social distancing

By Pete Totmey | March 25, 2020

Creating habits during social distancing During this downtime where social gatherings such as sporting events, meetups with friends, and going out to eat may be unavailable to us; there leaves a lot of time to think about how we structure our days and what habits we currently follow. Among these, there are likely a handful…

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Ways to stay active during social distancing

By Pete Totmey | March 19, 2020

Ways to stay active during social distancing With the recent COVID-19 outbreak, and closure of many of the gyms in the United States, we wanted to provide our clients with any information that may help them get through the “social distancing” we are all taking part of. During these times, it is of high importance…

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Two Drills For A Killer Shot

By Sneha Samfrancisco | October 18, 2017

Players offend spend time searching for the newest stick to help add power and accuracy to their shot. Chasing the newest stick can lead you down a long road with very little return on investment. While having a stick with the proper flex, proper height and preferred curve is important, there is greater return on…

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Train For The Game

By Sneha Samfrancisco | May 14, 2017

Train For The Game Around this time of year a common question comes from players and parents: ” What program should I do this offseason to get me ready for next year?” While this question is vague and non specific, it’s important to understand that it opens the doors to educate players and parents about…

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Redefine your hockey offseason

By Sneha Samfrancisco | April 16, 2017

Redefine your hockey offseason When hockey players start talking about the offseason the first thing that comes to mind is the end of a long competitive season, endless travel commitments and weekly practices. With all of these sacrifices coming to an end,the term “offseason” makes sense. Click to read the full article New England Hockey…

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