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With the uncertainty of how long this pandemic will last, a lot of individuals who prioritize their health have opted to buy gym equipment of their own for more effective training. We have attached an at home workout program.

If social media has taught us anything over these past few weeks - it’s how creative some people can get with their home workouts. However, when it comes down to it, no amount of bodyweight reps or lifting home-furniture will compare to overload created from heavy resistance. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stay active and continue to work out during this time; it’s simply to say that if you want to push yourself to a greater degree then you will need equipment sooner than later.

On that note, we’ll use this post to breakdown the absolute basics of what you could purchase for your home. The bare bones of what you really need would include:

1. A pair of lighter-medium dumbbells, and a pair of heavier dumbbells (or kettlebells)
2. A resistance band (thickness is up to you)
3. A weight vest

With these items, you could piece together a solid workout. The doors are now open to add movements that utilize a goblet position, 2 dumbbells, or contralateral & ipsilateral loading (opposite or same side). Apply these concepts to various patterns such as pushing, pulling, knee dominant, and hip dominant movements.

Additionally, there are home-substitutes for some other common gym items such as valslides or slide boards. If you have hardwood floors, socks or hand towels should do the trick. If you have carpet, books or paper could work. This opens up a whole new array of exercises you could do, such as hamstring curls, reverse lunges, lateral lunges, and core movements such as bodysaws, mountain climbers, etc.

If you choose to purchase some resistance bands, tie them around any beams or poles in your house to increase your library of core movements that you can perform. You can also perform some more basic exercises such as tricep extensions, bicep curls, face pulls, etc. to finish the workout. If you review our last blog post from March 19th, you will be able to apply those concepts to these newly available movements. At this point, overall space and load may be limited a little bit, but you essentially have your own home gym to perform some maintenance work until things settle down.

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